Talk Lipoedema

Karen's Story

I have come a long way on my lipoedema journey in the last 6 months, in September 2021. I met Anne Williams from Talk Lipoedema and was finally given a diagnosis. What a relief to finally meet someone who didn't just say I looked how I do because I am fat.

I have really struggled the past few years with my mobility and confidence. I have always had large legs but would say since menopause I have definitely just got bigger and bigger to the point I couldn't even get wide leg trousers to fit. This has definitely had a massive impact on my confidence. I then had to have an operation for a torn meniscus and then another on my other leg for similar problems. Both surgeons told me my legs were out of proportion with the rest of my body but no explanation was given. My legs started to turn very dark around the bottom and were full of fluid. My GP just constantly gave me water tablets and didn't bother to even check them.

Eventually a new doctor said they thought it could be lymphedema and referred me to a vascular surgeon. By this point I was starting to research some things myself and came across lipoedema and thought the images looked like me. When I got to see the vascular surgeon they said I had lymphedema and when I asked about lipoedema they said both were the same condition. They said I had to have my legs wrapped but then they couldn't find a service who would do this. Again I tried to find some help myself and that's when I came across Talk Lipoedema. They have been fantastic and just being able to meet other ladies who have the same condition and look the same as me has made such a difference to my life.