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Blog Posts

Elaine's Story: experiences of surgery

Read Elaine's story on surgery for lipoedema

Cellulitis in people with Lipoedema

Cellulitis can affect people with Lipoedema. It is important you take urgent action if you think you have it.

A group of people with lipoedema
Talk Lipoedema Awarded Government Grant

We are delighted to announce that Talk Lipoedema has been awarded a grant of £46,950 from the Self-management Fund

Jenny's Story

I discovered lipoedema completely by accident!

Karen's Story

I have come a long way on my lipoedema journey in the last 6 months, in September 2021. I met Anne Williams from Talk Lipoedema and was finally given a diagnosis. What a relief to finally meet someone who didn't just say I looked how I do because I am fat.

Fiona's Story

I was in my sixties before I was diagnosed. I spent years going back and forward to my GP, worried about the increasing swelling in my legs.