Talk Lipoedema

About Us

Mr Alex Munnoch

Alex is a leading international expert on the cancer-related condition Lymphoedema, and more recently Lipoedema. He is a consultant plastic surgeon at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Nicola Meikle

Interim Chair
I was diagnosed with lipoedema in 2020 and finding Talk Lipoedema has been a great support. In my day job I work in HR and I am passionate about helping people be the best they can be and love helping them reach their potential.

Karen Windsor

Vice Chair
Karen was diagnosed with lipoedema in 2015 after having first been diagnosed with lymphoedema in 2005, unfortunately the lymphoedema was masking a much bigger problem. I am a trained Reflexologist and lymphatic therapist.

Gemma Robinson

Vice Chair
After graduating from my law degree, I lost nearly 10st then realised something was wrong with my body as certain parts hadn’t changed. I was then diagnosed with Lipoedema in 2016. I started as a social media volunteer early 2021. I believe TL are doing great things in bringing awareness to the wider community of this debilitating disease which is a main focus of mine too. Wherever I can I explain about living with Lipoedema.

Isobel MacEwan

Isobel was one of the founders of Talk Lipoedema. She was diagnosed with Lipoedema at the age of 51, having inherited it from her mother and paternal grandfather. She lives in the countryside outside Edinburgh in Scotland and is passionate about raising awareness of Lipoedema. She never wants another women to live as long as she did without a diagnosis. Isobel retired from the position of Chair in 2023 and we are very glad she is staying on as a trustee.