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Audience at Stakeholder Conference

Stakeholder Conference

Towards a pathway for the care and treatment of people with lipoedema in Scotland.

Tuesday 14th March 2023

Holiday Inn, 132 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh EH12 6UA

Registration is at 9.30, and the conference finishes at 16.00

Talk Lipoedema is hosting this conference to bring together people with lipoedema, health and social care professionals. Hear from experts about lipoedema. Join us to discuss challenges and new ideas for effective diagnosis, care, and treatment of people with lipoedema in Scotland.

This conference is open to people living in Scotland including people with lipoedema, health and social care professionals. A buffet lunch is included.

Keynote address by Maree Todd, MSP, Minister for Public Health, Women’s Health and Sport

Our speakers include:

Isobel MacEwan, Chair, Talk Lipoedema, Welcome: Talk Lipoedema - our vision for people living with lipoedema.

Dr Vaughan Keeley, Consultant Physician in Lymphoedema and Lipoedema, Current evidence on lipoedema development and management.

Dr James Torrens, GP, NHS Lanarkshire, Challenges for GPs in diagnosing lipoedema.

People with lipoedema, Challenges of living with lipoedema.

Scottish Lymphoedema Practitioners, Person-centred assessment of a person with lipoedema.

Denise Hardy, Nurse Consultant, Kendal Lymphology Centre, Effective and creative use of compression for lipoedema.

Dr Hannah Durand, Psychologist, University of Stirling, The role of health psychology in supporting people with lipoedema.

Mr Alex Munnoch, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Evidence and experiences from liposuction surgery in people with lipoedema.

Dr Anne Williams, Trustee/Nurse, Talk Lipoedema, Experiences from the Talk Lipoedema Living Well with Lipoedema group self-management support programme.

The conference is supported by a grant from the Scottish Government and by MSPs with an interest in the Scottish Government Women’s Health Plan.

Sign up for your e-ticket here:

Professionals: £50 (£52.65 with booking fee)

People with lipoedema and concessions: £30 (£31.65 with booking fee)

Peer Support Project

This project started in October 2022, runs until June 2024, and is funded by the Alliance for Health and Social Care, Scotland. We are developing a training programme for around 10 peer supporters who have their own experience of lipoedema and will be available to give one-to-one support to others newly diagnosed, and those facing difficulties, with lipoedema. For more information, click here

Living Well With Lipoedema

We have established this innovative self-management course that runs over five weeks for groups of around 10-14 women with lipoedema. The course aims to bring people together in a relaxed and formal setting, while also covering many topics . Click here for more information.


We have been running half-day roadshows at Talk Lipoeodema for many years, and over 2022 and 2023 we were supported by a Scottish Government grant to deliver 6 roadshows in different areas of Scotland. Click here for more information.