Talk Lipoedema

Peer Support Project

This project started in October 2022, runs until June 2024, and is funded by the Alliance for Health and Social Care, Scotland. We are developing a training programme for around 10 peer supporters who have their own experience of lipoedema and will be available to give one-to-one support to others newly diagnosed, and those facing difficulties, with lipoedema. To start, we have established a core group of people with lipoedema and professional experts to guide the programme and develop resources which will be put on our website. From early 2023, we will be recruiting people to undertake the peer support training. We plan that the peer support is then available from mid-2023. For further information, please contact Dr Anne Williams at:

Some of the professionals supporting us with developing resources are:

Yolande Borthwick, Lymphoedema Specialist Physiotherapist and Lecturer, University of Glasgow and Strathcarron Hospice

Dr Rachel Crockett, Lecturer at University of Stirling and Registered Health Psychologist

Alexia Cordiner, Life Coach

Fiona Davidson, Nurse

Dr Charlotte Heald, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Agnes McGowan, Lymphoedema and manual lymphatic drainage therapist

Dr Sara Smith, Dietician and Head of Division at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh