The diagnosis was bittersweet

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From an early age my legs were an issue from not being able to wear Derry boots or wellies. To attending hospital for ex-rays to see what was causing me pain.
I've always carried more weight than my peers. Although I was fit I couldn't run as always felt weighted down. 
I danced though I loved dancing and was probably fitter than most in my class, yes they'd beat me at the 100  200 meters or hurdles but I would outlast everyone of them on the dance floor. From the first beat to the last I was strutting my stuff...

6 years ago I was finally diagnosed. 
Like many other before me, I was told it was weight and I had to loose it to get better. I was put on diet after diet. I'd loose 2 stone then plateau. But after each loss I would gain back what I'd lost plus more.
I weigh 25 stone wear size 28 to 30 clothes, but I know why now.
The diagnosis was bittersweet.
It was YES, I can prove I've not been lying all these years. Then the realisation that nothing can cure you.

I've seen Mr. Munnoch, was fantastic meeting someone who looked at me and saw my condition. I was late stage 3 then and on the cusp of him being able to help. Despite me trying my hardest menopause put paid to me being able to get the surgery on the NHS as I've advanced and that's with wearing compressions and low carb WOE.

I manage as best I can, I'm late stage 4 lip/lymphedema. I'm trying to stay mobile and have adaptations made to the house and we are future proofing for wheelchair use.

But despite all of that.  
I live life to the fullest. 
I have a full time job.
I help out with Talk Lipoedema 
supporting others.
Love my holidays to Benidorm. No one looks at you there, you are accepted for who you are. I don my tankini and take a dip in the apartment pool use the spa and get about by mobility aids. If anyone asks I'm happy to explain. 
I have 2 daughters and  4 grandkids. They keep me busy.
A loving supportive husband he is amazing the calm I need. 
Life is good .
The lipoedema is a big part of me, has been for as long as I can remember I'm 51 and hope to have a lot more time left to live and enjoy my wonderful life.