I’m not Fat !

I am not fat !

I am not fat !

When I hit puberty I noticed that weight had become a bit of an issue, being at school I didn’t take much notice, I was useto being called the fat kid,  no matter how hard I tried I just could not lose weight. 

Going into the working world from the age of 16 I noticed that I still couldn’t change. No matter what diet I did, how healthy I ate I was getting bigger from the waist down not smaller. 

I battled with the doctors for many years who kept fobbing me off with water tablets.

By 2017 I could not taken the swollen legs, the blue toes, and the pain any longer so back to the doctors I went, a nursing practitioner referred me to the Lipoedema clinic, where I was assessed and told the news that I have lipoedema. 

Being told at the age of 30 that I had this chronic disease really knocked the stuffing out of me! 

To be told my body will never change from the waist down came as a bit of shock. But also answered a lot of questions I had asked myself over the years! I just thought I was FAT! 

I now wear compression tights/knee highs everyday. I am in pain from the minute I open my eyes to when I go to bed. Some days my legs are so swollen I don’t want to move. My body physically sometimes does not allow me to do much. Mentally I battle everyday, even the lipoedema clinic admitted last time I went they can’t tell or do much more for me as they don’t know enough about this themselves ! 

I have no idea what the future holds for me and at the moment I am more fortunate then some people who suffer with the same as me! Knowing this may take my mobility scares me! 

I know I have the best Mom & Dad who support me and my friends are just amazing and they help me through this on a daily basis. 

They recognise the struggle I have most days. 

So please remember if nothing else I’M NOT FAT!