Dr Karen Herbst recommends taking a mineral selenium supplement so here is a brief description of how it can benefit lipoedema and recommended foods that are rich in selenium. 

Selenium is an essential trace mineral important for cognitive function, a healthy immune system and fertility for both men and women. Selenium is found in a variety of foods, the richest sources being Brazil nuts, seafood and organ meats. 

It has been proven time and again that isolating certain nutrients in supplement form will not provide the same health benefits as consuming the nutrient from a whole food. First focus on obtaining your daily selenium requirement from foods, then use supplements as a backup if needed. `


  • Brazil nuts, 1 ounce: 543 micrograms 
  • Halibut, baked, 1 fillet: 148 micrograms 
  • Tuna, canned, 3 ounces: 68 micrograms 
  • Oysters, raw, 3 ounces: 56 micrograms 
  • Rice, white, long grain, 1 cup: 44 micrograms 
  • Lobster, 3 ounces: 36 micrograms 
  • Sunflower seeds, . cup: 25 micrograms 
  • Egg, 1 large: 16 micrograms 
  • Oats , Serving Size (100 grams), Selenium (34 micrograms), 384 calories. 
  • Mushrooms. Serving Size (100 grams), Selenium (11.5 micrograms), 48 calories.

Selenium is involved in the production of prostaglandins in the body, which regulate inflammation and may reduce inflammation. 

Selenium works in close conjunction with vitamin E as an antioxidant to prevent the formation of free radicals and in turn, may reduce the risk of skin cancer and prevent sunburn