My body is screaming pain this week , yesterday I could hardly move , I wanted to sit in a corner and cry. I know many of you can identify with this feeling , for me it is unusual although it has been becoming an increasingly familiar thing . I have also been doing a lot of reading about Fibro and Arthritis and one of the common threads I see is food and the inflammation that it causes in the body.

This week the culprit was a handful of Jelly Beans……. Why I ate them god only knows , I thought gluten free (tick) , dairy free (tick) , soya free (tick) a few won’t hurt .

Well I was very, very wrong.

So with Christmas looming I thought I would give you the dirt on Sugar . I must admit I am addicted to it! I can go for months and months without, then gradually it starts sneaking in. I am sure I am not the only person in this group who is addicted to it. I have what we call in the UK a sweet tooth and I don’t eat a lot of it compared to some but sometimes I crave it and when it gets really bad and I am ready to attack someone for it. I take a supplement called chromium to curb the cravings.

I have been aware for more than a few months now that my sugar consumption has been creeping up in the form of what I called hidden sugars. Did you know that sugar has the same effect on our brain as illicit drugs do? Scary or what?

So what are the facts about sugar?

It’s a socially acceptable addiction
It’s one of the biggest offenders of inflammation in our body .Sugar has been pinpointed as the food of cancer cells and could be leading to more than just weight gain—heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis have links to sugar. I am sure we could also add Lipoedema and other chronic inflammatory diseases to that list too?

It’s good at hiding in foods and has lots of different names (The food industry makes sure it gets in to your food in one way or another, because then you are hooked) Cynical you may think ,but I am a food technologist I know!!

It’s commonly added to processed food easily and cheaply to make foods more palatable.

These are some of its aliases brown sugar, glucose syrup, fructose and any other word that ends in an "ose", fruit juice concentrates, high-fructose corn syrup, invert sugar ,malt syrup, molasses, maltodextrin ,raw sugar ,rice syrup.

Can you spot the sugar in these products ?

Pasta Sauce - Tomato And Basil Sauce-Tomatoes (82%),Tomato Paste (7%) ,Sugar ,Onions ,Basil (2%) ,Lemon Juice ,Cornflour ,Olive Oil ,Salt ,Garlic ,Spices ,Roasted Garlic ,Herbs.

Breakfast Bars -Toasted Rolled Quaker Oats (50%),Glucose Syrup ,Crispy Cereal Pieces (Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Malted Wheat) ,Sugar ,Vegetable Oil ,Humectant (Glycerol) ,Oligofructose ,Honey ,Stabiliser (Isomalt) ,Skimmed Milk Powder ,Yoghurt Powder (from Milk ) (1%) ,Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces (1%) ,Salt ,Colour (Plain Caramel) ,Molasses ,Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin) ,Natural Flavourings ,Antioxidant (Tocopherol Rich Extract)
Did you spot the Sugar?

So if you want to lose inflammation and cut down on sugar's dubious effects on your body, read the label, and avoid foods that have sugar listed as one of the top three ingredients or with sugar aliases

I believe sugar is sugar even in the form of honey, maple syrup, and artificial sweeteners both man-made and natural occurring. Like any addiction I can’t put it in my body in any form as the cravings start all over again. So for now I am back in rehab and back on the chromium.

Now to get through the next two weeks !


Merry Christmas x

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