Do you try to do to much? I used to. I'd run myself into the ground ,killing myself .I've not got the energy anymore . I just can't do it. So how do I manage my life now?
It's not what I can't do but what I CAN do.

When I think about the things I can't do it's depressing. Beating myself up over things I can't do makes me feel like a victim to my problems .Time to re think--change my mindset .. WHAT CAN I DO? 

Can I manage exercise today? No, but I CAN do some light stretching.
Can I cook dinner tonight? No, but I CAN sit down and chop up a salad.
Can I concentrate on written work today? No, but I CAN respond to a couple of emails.
Can I meet with friends today? No, but I CAN chat on Talk Lipoedema
Can I make that doctor’s appointment today? No, but I CAN rest with my book.
And on it goes ..changing small things from can't to can will focus your day ,will move you forward with less effort .you might be surprised how much more energy you have .
You might stop noticing what you can't do.

So, what CAN you do today? Have a go at switching up your list of cant’s to cans, what have you come up with?