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Talk Lipoedema has a vision for the future that everyone who has Lipoedema will be given an accurate diagnosis, receive an individual care plan, and have access to an appropriate range of services and support with self-management. We believe that education is key to empowering people with Lipoedema and improving treatments and care. We plan that in the future, Lipoedema will be a widely recognised as a medical condition, and become a household word. Talk Lipoedema offers 24/7 support through a web-based forum on our website, Twitter and Facebook. 

Background and History
Talk Lipoedema was founded by three women, Isobel MacEwan, Cara Jones and Joanne Bird. All three women have Lipoedema and are dedicated to making Talk Lipoedema the  leading patient    organisation in the UK for Lipoedema . They all come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in running support groups in the Lipoedema community. 

Talk Lipoedema currently provides 24/7 support through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and currently has upwards of 800 women following on both. Its Talk Lipoedema news page on Facebook is currently followed by 2000  people.

It has also recently launched an online forum accessed through their website which has been designed not only for sufferers of Lipoedema but for Therapists, Doctors, Carers, Partners and Family. This now has upwards of 200 members.

Talk Lipoedema – The organisation
Talk Lipoedema (TL) is a UK based organisation active across the country. It benefits sufferers of lipoedema and their carers through initiating and participating in various projects and increasing awareness of the disease. 

Our Vision
In the future (by 2025), everyone who has lipoedema will be diagnosed and receiving an optimised individual care plan and accessing an appropriate range of free services. Families, friends and supporters of patients with lipoedema will feel educated and informed and able to access support where and when they choose. Lipoedema will be a household word.

Our values
TL management and all of our activities and services are underpinned by a set of values

  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We fulfil our commitments and act with integrity
  • We represent the needs and wishes of our (members)
  • We support without judging