Lipoedema diagnosis what now?
Being told that you have a chronic condition called Lipoedema can affect people in different ways. You may feel hopeless, angry and blame others or you may feel relief that at last you know what is going on in your body. You may go through different phases whilst coming to terms with your diagnosis. However, you will feel that you now have the power to take control. The sooner you learn to live with Lipoedema the sooner you can learn to live with yourself. It’s helpful to recognise that you weren’t in control of the past but you do have control of the future and of moving forward.

How to accept Lipoedema in your life:

  • Acknowledge your emotions.
  • Educate yourself on Lipoedema.
  • Pace yourself - acknowledge you will have days when pain and fatigue are out of control and days when you can be productive.
  • Manage your condition well, through keeping your lymphatics healthy, using compression, making good food choices and using some form or physical movement.
  • Take time out to relax and look after yourself in times of stress and difficulty.
  • Learn ways to accept yourself through use of self-esteem and mindfulness exercises.
  • Advocate for yourself, challenge unhelpful thinking from friends, family and the medical profession.
  • Don’t let Lipoedema define who you are.

Accept that it’s not all within your control:
Sometimes we need outside intervention to help us to come to terms with the diagnosis and it may be important for you to seek help elsewhere. So do ask for help.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe medication and organise counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy to help you cope. Find out more here.

Some people feel that joining a support group also helps; in that way you will meet other people who will listen, understand and empathise with you about your situation. Never underestimate how valuable peer support is; knowing you are not alone is empowering. You can find help by exploring the rest of the site, by joining our forums or connecting with us on Facebook.  

Links to other support groups across the world. 

USA GROUP - www.lipese.com  www.fatdisorders.org 
AUSTRALIA GROUP -  www.lass.org.au
DUTCH GROUP - www.tillysmidt.nl