My name was "Tree Trunk Legs" at School

Called Names .jpg

“Tree trunk legs” that was my nick name from around age 13 just when you want to be like your peers! Knee socks that would never stay up and longing for a pair of wellies that would actually fit my legs. Years roll by and my legs get bigger and all I can do now is cover them up! Beaches and swimming pools became  a nightmare, maxi dresses became a godsend! Pregnancies made midwives gasp with horror at my swollen legs and lectures came about over eating which actually I never did Mrs Midwife!! 

30’s, 40’s and 50’s ever wider trousers and maxi dresses, a lot more pain and swelling - sure I was just fat and frumpy! 

I was 60 last week and my legs are now very troublesome but... 12 months ago I saw on fb that there were others just like me! My GP was kindly but without a clue and after many hints at my losing weight she eventually referred me to a vascular surgeon to see why I bruised so much. He took a look and said the words “you have lipoedema” you need compression . I was sent to the local hospice to be measured and a lovely nurse patiently measured inch by inch my incredibly sore tree trunk legs . Compression cane and went I could not bear them and now I rely on snag support tights to provide some hold. 

Where I am now is more comfortable knowing I have this although my GP still doesn’t get it! Knowing all you guys are behind my story and tell similar stories of your own is enormously helpful and I have been delighted to read your courageous words. So thank you all it makes it more bearable!