Does living with Lipoedema cause you to procrastinate in the Festive Season?

 Not everyone is a fan of list-making, but it is a well-known tool used by many successful people. A little aide mémoire for our busy lives. During the run up to Christmas, we expect many of you had a list on the go, trying not to forget the stuffing for the turkey, that last chocolate orange for Uncle George or cleaning the oven before the big day! When you are feeling tired and in pain, it is very easy to put things off until tomorrow, or leave everything to the very last minute. Then you get overwhelmed with too many things to think about and remember, it all seems more daunting than ever.

List-making doesn't have to be kept to Christmas or holiday-suitcase-packing. Writing a visual list of things you would like to achieve, however small, aids your memory and gives a sense of satisfaction as each item is ticked or crossed off.

At the end of the week you can look back and see that you did not while away your hours, those long procrastinated tasks are getting done, and less stress leads to a happier life. Pick one or two per day. If you don't feel up to it....don't do it, it's not compulsory and if you need help with something around the house don't be afraid to ask a relative, friend or neighbour. If you need a list for different things then do a couple, say, one for shopping, one for chores, and one for small DIY jobs. In this day and age there are many ways to keep a list. The old fashion notebook is still a favourite. Equally there are now note sections and reminders on phones and iPad’s . A to do list is a simple technique that can increase your productivity by 20 percent or more, if you don't use it already. It also has extra benefits of clearing your mind and saving you energy and stress. Try to spend 5-10 minutes each day on planning your activities with a daily to do list. Start your day with it or every evening write a plan for the next day, listing your daily things to do. Give it a try for the New Year and see if it helps.