Do something to raise awareness about our #bloominglegs this June.

June will be Lipoedema Awareness Month so we're asking asking all our friends and family to mobilise by getting green fingered and creating your very own floral display using old compression stockings!   Here's how to make your own set of blooming legs:

  1. Take a pair old compression stockings
  2. Insert plastic bin bag inside the leg.
  3. Tie toe area (If open toed) with a cable tie or string.
  4. Fill garments with compost packing tightly so the legs will stand upright.
  5. Cut holes through compression material and insert bedding plants, water well and allow to soak.

Come June you should an awesome pair of blooming legs that will form the centrepiece of our awareness month and thats when the real work begins.  Here's how you can use your blooming legs to grab attention! 

  1. Send images of your blooming legs along with a press release to your local media outlets!  A template press release is available to download here for you to share with your local media.
  2. Take to social media, update your profile pic and share images of your blooming legs using the hashtag #bloominglegs remember to tag us in @talklipoedema.  We've a £25.00 Amazon voucher for the best legs! 
  3. Have a blooming legs garden party to raise some much needed funds for us. 
  4. Not got time to plant something? Why not draw, knit, paint, sew, or stick flowers on your legs lol. Don't forget to share your creativity to raise awareness about our #bloominglegs this June.