Yesterday I met a lovely nurse and mum from Ireland who is a Mum of a friend of my son. She is here on holidays and has Lipoedema. She willingly told me she has ignored her diagnosis but is now worried her legs are and other areas are getting worse. So we have good old chin wag about exercise, diet, compression. Through the discussion I kept saying yes you could try that, but always listen to your body. Not just about food either. The same goes for exercise, treatments, birth control...... the list is endless!!

Over the many years of battling with my unknown enemy Lipoedema . I have tried ever diet going . I have listened to my body and realised certain foods and drinks make my body tingle, itch, bloat , caused tenderness and made me gain weight. But ,it still used to pickle my brain with all my food knowledge why I was not weighing in at 8st 7, but 16st plus!!.

So eventually when I got my answer Lipoedema .and discovered there was no cure, that I might even become disabled as my mobility became compromised. I really needed to think what was I going to do?. So I turned to food and not comfort food. I read lots of books, weighed up the RAD diet, LCHF, Ketosis, could I cut out meat ?. I then decided to cut out wheat and tidy up my sugar intake which was low anyway and watch my carbs. The transformation in my body was immense, I started to shrink without pumping iron , without walking 10k every week and my legs became less heavy and less tingly.

So what I think I am trying to say this morning, is yes there is no cure for Lipoedema at the moment, but there is a lot we can do to help ourselves, to ensure we have a good quality of life. Self-care of this condition is in our hands and by listening to your body and thinking about how certain foods affect it you just might make a difference to it. It might stop the progression, take away the pain, might stop you losing your mobility.

So if your legs are in crisis like my new lovely new irish friend's , just try cutting out something, it might be wheat, sugar or alcohol. Cut it out for 21 days and see if there is a difference, you might be surprised.

I eat my eating plan , which is low carb, clean( no processed foods) with the odd treat of Dark Chocolate and a Gin and T, but I know I can live this way for the rest of my life.