You are probably reading this because you have Lipoedema , which is of course is a adipose tissue disorder, which means we carry more fat than others in certain parts of our bodies or even all over our bodies. Lipoedema is a chronic and progressive condition, though not necessarily in every one.

Having been in the Lipoedema world for a few years now and been lucky enough to attend many conferences, webinars on this condition. It has become clear that whilst we may never lose weight off our legs or and some of us off our arms, to give us Jerry Halls or Madonna bodies. We can lose our non-lippy weight.

Hence the reason I never use scales, what really does a set of scales tell you aboutour bodies? Just that you don’t fit in to a BMI scale, you are not a worthy person, because you’re not like your peer group. I prefer to use a measuring tape it shows where your body is losing its inflammation and maybe even gaining it.

Use a measuring tape.

Use a measuring tape.

There is no doubt that with all that I have heardit  is important to get rid of the inflammation in other parts of our bodies   and that we muststop that inflammation getting out of control . I wish I had known I had Lipoedema when I was in my early 20’s when my body started getting inflamed and understood that certain foods helped to stoke that inflammation.  Unfortunately some of us don’t get diagnosed till later in life, my diagnosis came at the age of 51, which I know is not late compared to some of our members. 

So my message is to try and get rid of that inflammation, and find out how much Lipoedema is in your body, you might be surprised. To do that you need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. You can go to our web page and find a few examples like Low Carb, Paleo, Dr Karen HerbstRAD(Rare Adipose Diet) diet or you can create your own .There are many books , websites out there that willset you off on the route to testing what foods make your body inflame. Maybe you already know. Whatever you chose this is a eating plan for life, not till you fit it to that dress you want to wear to a wedding !!

Remember we are all individual’s. But I feelwe owe it to our bodies to try and remove the inflammation and with that comes the shrinking, less pain , better mobility , and maybe once in our life a sense of control of our unique mad lippy bodies .

Written by : izzi