Well it is officially Winter , so now it’s time to start thinking of protecting our skin against the harsh and dry weather. Keeping our skin well moisturised is very important to prevent skin cracking and potential cellulitis.


There is a plethora of different creams, lotions and potions claiming to make us years younger, eliminate cellulite on the market but here is a recommended and relatively inexpensive oil that not only will nourish your skin but help support your lymphatic system and is encouraged by Dr Karen Herbst. Try Organic Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil available from Amazon at approximately £4.99.

Castor Oil Supports Your Lymphatic Circulation

The lymph system is the way through which every individual cell in the body eliminates waste. It can sometimes be clogged with substances, which are the result of cellular metabolism. The lymph nodes may also be enlarged or swollen in other situations. Any kind of lymph drainage problem may cause complications to your organs if not treated.

Using castor oil externally is a painless and organic way to restore your lymph’s optimal function. Castor oil helps improve the flow and movement of your lymph fluid through the vessels. It increases the activity of the lymph so that the body can get rid of fats and other wastes more rapidly.

How Is Castor Oil Lymph Treatment Done?

Castor oil therapy for your lymph is by means of a castor oil pack, which is placed over lymph glands (near the upper back and neck, shoulders, and groin), abdomen, liver, kidneys, between the upper portion of the rib cage and the upper side of the hipbone. Castor oil packs allow the oil to be more quickly absorbed into the body through the skin and to deliver its healing properties straight into the body’s tissues.


Castor oil packs are usually made by soaking a piece of flannel in top quality, cold-pressed castor oil. They are placed over an affected organ or area of the body while a hot water bottle or any heat source is put on top of them.

Benefits of Castor Oil Therapy to

Your Lymph System

Dr. David Williams, an alternative health practitioner, says that once castor oil goes through the skin from the packs, it delivers the following effects:

·         Increases the blood’s lymphocyte count as a result of the oil’s positive effect on the lymphatic tissue or the thymus glands

·         Enhances lymph flow all through the body

·         Accelerates toxin removal around the cells Decreases the size of swollen lymph nodes

·         Improves the overall health and function of all organs

·         Reduces your fatigue and depression

With all these benefits for your health, castor oil cure for your lymph is truly one method you might want to consider. It does not only provide treatment for your lymph system but it also helps remove your body’s metabolic wastes. And most importantly, it supports your entire body to function at its best.