When you’re first diagnosed with lipoedema you may feel that your world has come to an end and that the dream of that body that you had always hoped for is now impossible, you start to worry about the future and how your life might be shaped by this potentially disabling condition. Once you’ve shed buckets of tears, ranted and raved ,it’s time then to see how you can live and nourish your body differently. There does seem to be a lot that we can do to try and get our bodies under control. Not everything that we do will be successful but I do believe it’s worth a try.  The easy things for me to change when I was first diagnosed were the types of food I ate, taking supplements to help inflammation, changing my exercise plans. Not so easy for me was probably initially was wearing compression and changing my work life balance and trying to remove stress from my life. As somebody who has lived a very stressful life and  now realises that I seek it out ,I over commit, I love a full and busy life, I challenge myself daily to move out of my comfort zone. Therefore stress is something that is  still a work in progress. At the start of every week I try to think how I can have some more me time, some weeks I’m successful another weeks I just end up exhausted and stressed with life.

I haven’t let lipoedema stop me living my life, I know many of us when we get a diagnosis are at different stage, different age, different background but what we can all do is make little steps to get to big changes.

There are lots of studies out there that show that a few small steps can lead to big change in your life. These studies  have shown that if you:-

SHOW GRATITUDE- they recommend that if write down three things that you are grateful for every day, that within a few weeks you will notice a difference. I must admit I don’t write them down but  I often lie in bed in the morning and think how lucky I am. It may be because my husband has just kissed me before leaving for work, or I hear about a tragedy on the news, or when I pull back the curtains and see the beauty of nature in my garden.

LAUGH-I always try to see the funny side of things in life, yesterday I spent the afternoon around a lunch table with a group of friends and we all laughed over the four or five hours as we recounted incidents in our life that we found ourselves in difficult situations. It was lovely, when we separated I had a great feeling of happiness.

KEEP GOOD COMPANY- there is lots of research out there that shows that happiness is contagious and that happy conversations can inspire and motivate you to move out of your comfort zone and try something new.

The very smallest step of all is one you can make in your own mind and change your thoughts. So this week I challenge you, try to take a different view of the situation you find yourself in, don’t focus on what you lack, but be grateful for what you have. Don’t think of the mistakes you’ve made as failures, but as a learning opportunity. Then you might find that living with lipoedema is not all that bad.