My Pilates instructor recently gave my class these fantastic tips on how to fit "healthy lifestyle" into our already packed days & weeks?!  

Most of us struggle with juggling the many aspects of life… work, family, hobbies and  Lipoedema !

So healthy eating on top can be the straw that broke the camel's back!

 So here are her  TOP TIPS to managing your busy lifestyle whilst maintaining a healthy diet and WINNING.

• Preparation is key - you've heard me bang on about this again and again but it is true. A stack of pre made meals in the freezer will save any takeaway phone calls after a busy day! Cook in bulk once a week and pop it in your tupperware.

• Get equipped- Make sure you have plenty of tupperware and bottles. Plus things like juicers/blenders are great for quick and healthy breakfasts.

• Ditch the snacks in the cupboard- you will reach for these when you are tired and busy. Make clean eating healthy snacks that will save and put them in the fridge instead.

• Strategic shopping- Do one GOOD shop a week, plan your meals so you know what you want. This will cut out the shop visits during the week.

• Don’t underestimate the freezer- frozen veg and your batches of meals will become your go to ensuring there is always something to have.

• Make a list of quick and healthy meals- If you have a list and ingredients for super-easy meals you are more likely to stick to them.

• Don’t be negative about your healthy lifestyle. Make healthy food a way of life, be positive and focus on the benefits.

Spend just a teeny amount of time thinking about how to put these points into practice and you will win every mental battle about this - it will just get easier and easier to make this truly a part of your life!

So there you go, no excuses!

Have a positive and productive day.